About our vinyl graphics

About our vinyl graphics



-Our standard wall decals are made from a high quality vinyl made for indoor and outdoor use. Our decals are completely die cut, there is no clear background (we can make this kind). Vinyl decals can stick to almost any smooth surface including walls, windows, glass, laptops, ceramics, flooring, and more! Standard decals will work on most lightly textured surfaces. Standard decals are removable, but are not reusable. Depending on the surface, environment and how it’s installed it may pull up paint or other parts of the surface when removed. Use at your own risk.

-          Most graphics are laminated / masked in a special paper masking tape.

-          We also offer an alternative to vinyl called phototex. It’s a Fabric material that can be REUSED.

-          Looking for something none standard? We offer Metallic, chrome, glow in the dark, textured, etched glass effect, fluorescent, reflective and much more! Contact us to get a quote.

-          Standard wall decals double as, window, and car graphics.

-          Standard wall decals are good for flat surfaces. Premium material is good for wraps and curved surfaces.



Printed vinyl graphics use the same or very similar materials. They differ in that they require 1-2 additional steps. This includes the printing process which allows for full color graphics / photos to be printed on vinyl. The other step which isn’t always necessary is lamination which protects a print in harsh environments and for long term out door use. We have a $40 minimum on printed graphics because of setup time, and $50 on laminated graphics.

·         Printed graphics include: Vehicle, window, and floor graphics.

·         Lamination is optional but highly recommended.

·         Printed graphics come in a premium material for curved surfaces.


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