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Vinyl decal install application kit for decals stickers and vinyl graphics - squeegee, towel and wall cleaner for large and small sizes 4w31

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Part Number:4w31
  • MADE IN THE USA:Made to order
  • Materials:Vinyl, Paper Masking, awesomeness
  • USE:Indoor and Outdoor

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Application Kit
We have 3 Vinyl application packs. We highly recommend having a kit, it will make installing your graphic easier, faster, makes troubling installs on textured surfaces easy, and removes or reduces bubbles and creases when applying graphics.The larger the graphic installing, then the bigger the pack we recommend.
Packs include as follows:
 individual descriptions of contents are below.

(_) PACK 1
(2 pieces) (8.49 value)
1 - 100ml mist bottle1
Blue or white application squeegee

(_) PACK 2
(3 pieces) (10.49 Value)
1 - 100ml mist bottle w/ cleaning fluid
1 Blue or white application squeegee
1 12x12 white towel

(_) PACK 3
(4 pieces) (13.49 value)
1 - 100ml mist bottle w/ cleaning fluid
1 Blue or white application squeegee
1 12x12 white towel
1 letter opener


BLUE or WHITE SQUEEGEE- size: 3x4 inches- Material: Vinyl plastic (not a teflon squeegee)- It's the perfect tool to assist with installing graphics to insure bubble free and easy install. It offers the right amount of stiffness and the correct amount of flexibility to properly apply graphics smoothly.
100ML SURFACE CLEANER- This is filled with our in house cleaning mixture used to prep surfaces before we apply our graphics. It's a mild degrease r and cleaning solvent. This helps the vinyl adhesive stick best to the surface allowing the mask to come off clean and prevent any premature vinyl failure. We also use this as a lens cleaner too.Contents: water, rubbing alcohol and dish washing soap.12x12
WHITE TOWEL - Size: 12x12- This is a quality cotton and polyester blend towel we use when cleaning surfaces before applying the vinyl. Can be bleached and used many times over.
LETTER OPENER - This is used when applying larger graphics that use the hinge method of applying vinyl. This makes it a cinch to cut and remove the paper backing and does it cleanly, preventing a large crease and avoiding any messy mistakes trying to use a razor, knife or scissors.A few others tools we recommend and are thinking to include in a pack- razor blade utility

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